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How to do a Home Water Audit

Sizing up your home water use is painless and worth the savings. Here’s how. Taking stock of your water use is an ideal first-step on a mission to use less water. And the best place to start is with a “desk-top” audit by studying your bills. Look for trends or patterns and think about what […]

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How to select the best water tank for your property

Water is an important element that plays a vital role to help us sustain our daily lives. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that there is adequate water supply and storage in your home. A good way to store water in your property is by using a water tank.

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South Africa: Water demand to outstrip supply soon

South Africa: Water demand is projected to outstrip supply somewhere between 2025 and 2030, and pollution remains a “significant” threat to water resources. The warning comes in this year’s Budget documents, which point out that adequate access is only one part of the water equation and that water supply must also adhere to quality standards.

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Rainwater harvesting system generates electricity too

This innovative rainwater harvesting system is not just capable of collecting rainwater for you, but it will also generate electricity to light up your house from wind. The system has been designed by Julien Bergignat who has named it the Eol’eau.  As has already been mentioned above the system does not just provide water for […]

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The Future is Prefab Eco-Friendly Houses

To some this sounds like old news, to others this sounds like gibberish. What is a prefab eco-friendly home? The term prefab simply means prefabricated. Components of a structure are manufactured offsite in an industrial facility. Once the structure is designed and constructed offsite, it is shipped to the building location and erected there. Prefab […]

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