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Rainwater harvesting at home

South Africans are generally still very fortunate in that water is relatively expensive but it will not be like this for long, install rain water tanks! As a relatively dry country, the water problem in South Africa is exacerbated by an average annual rainfall of about 464mm, compared to a world average of about 860mm. […]

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Water tanks for urban properties where space is limited

Townhouses and many urban properties are built to maximise valuable space. The result is that there is often very little space on the property for extras like water tanks. Choosing the right size and type of water tank can ensure maximum water storage capacity that uses a minimum of space. Whereas rural areas and peri-urban […]

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USA: Town passes law banning bottled water

Water, water everywhere, just not in plastic bottles, says a town in the US state of Massachusetts. A law passed by the town of Concord went into effect with the New Year, making single-serving bottles of water illegal.

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