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Choosing A Rain Water Tank

Choosing a rain water tank or any other type of tank can be difficult as there are so many brands and types of storage tanks on the market; this article outlines some tips to take into account when choosing a rainwater tank. Some advantages of plastic or polyethylene water tanks is also discussed. What size […]

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Top 3 DIY greywater system mistakes

Read this article before embarking on a DIY greywater system and before buying water tanks or water drums and avoid this common pitfalls. Mistake #1: Storing greywater Greywater becomes septic after a couple of warm days and that creates anaerobic slime, which eventually clogs up any kind of filter, even a sand filter, and then […]

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Video: Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment System

This video shows how domestic waste water can be effectively treated via series of underground tanks. Rainwater harvesting tanks complete the off-grid homestead. Whether you require vertical tanks, low profile tanks, septic tanks, chemical tanks and more, JoJo Tanks is sure to have the right product for your needs – click on the links below […]

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4 Great Reasons to Conserve Water

While the examples presented here are from North America, other countries, especially water scarce South Africa should be even more aware of conserving this resource and installing water tanks. Rainwater harvesting tanks and greywater recycling systems can go a long way to reducing water use and helping the environment (while saving money too). 4 Great […]

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Rainwater harvesting at home

South Africans are generally still very fortunate in that water is relatively expensive but it will not be like this for long, install rain water tanks! As a relatively dry country, the water problem in South Africa is exacerbated by an average annual rainfall of about 464mm, compared to a world average of about 860mm. […]

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Advantages of rainwater harvesting & tanks

Wherever you are in the world but especially in water scarce South Africa, you should consider installing rain water tanks. The article below outlines some basic principles as well as some advantages of rainwater harvesting. Rain water harvesting system is a technique used in the collection and storage of rain water in receptacles such as water […]

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Video: Polyethylene water tank making machine

Ever wondered how the best polyethylene water tanks are made? This video shows how rotational moulding is used to produce ‘roto-moulded’ poly water tanks. JoJo Tanks in South Africa use a proprietary type of rotational moulding to produce high quality ‘plastic’ liquid storage tanks in 3 main versions: standard duty (water tanks), medium duty (chemical […]

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Rain water tank tips & information

A useful article which outlines just about every consideration required for installing water tanks and rainwater harvesting systems. Before you buy Do your research before making a purchase. Here are some tips on what you should do before buying. 1 Find out whether you are entitled to any local council or federal government rebates and […]

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Greywater treatment & recycling – some info

Greywater recycling not only saves water but it reduces water bills too. Just remember never to store untreated greywater in a water tank or drum for more than 24 hours as potentially harmful bacteria could begin to multiply (a low levels they may be virtually harmless but can become dangerous at higher levels). What is […]

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