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jojo under ground tanks

Underground water tanks make sense for some situations

Underground water tanks are not as commonly available as standard aboveground vertical water tanks but they have their purpose and may be a better option in some cases. In South Africa, a very popular underground water tank is the JoJo 6000 litre underground tank – robustly built and of sufficient storage capacity for many situations. […]

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jojo underground water tanks

Some advantages of JoJo polyethylene underground water tanks

JoJo underground water tanks are the answer when space and accessibility are an issue – especially in an urban environment. Underground tanks have also become an increasingly popular option for architects and building designers as an underground water storage system allows for the maximum use of property, allowing for more green space and/or parking on […]

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water tank prices

Is water from water tanks safe to drink?

This question is obviously very broad and needs to be qualified; it all depends on the source of water that is being stored in the water tanks as well as the type of water tanks under consideration. Type of water tank where water is stored The type of water tank, more specifically what the water […]

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underground tanks south africa

What features should the ideal underground water tank have?

Underground water tanks can be a better alternative to standard above-ground water tanks but they must be properly constructed and designed to withstand pressure exerted on the walls when buried underground. Here are some features which the ideal underground water tank should possess: The underground tank should be of a useful capacity for storing worthwhile […]

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water tanks for sale

Some good reasons to buy water tanks

There are many good reasons for buying water tanks for a number of uses.  Water tanks are a necessity for a great number of people in South Africa, from domestic households to agriculture and industry. Reasons for homeowners to buy water tanks Rainwater harvesting systems need water tanks for storing rainwater; the rainwater can be […]

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water tanks prices

Care and maintenance of water tanks

Water tanks, whether for domestic or industrial or agricultural purposes, should be cared for from the day of purchase in order for them to have a maximum useful life. Loading, transporting & offloading water tanks Damage can occur to water tanks during the loading, transportation and offloading.  Some water tank types are more susceptible to […]

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jojo horizontal tanks

10 Uses for portable JoJo horizontal tanks

JoJo Tanks (South Africa) manufacture a wide range of water tanks, chemical tanks, water tank stands and other products, including their range of portable, horizontal tanks.  JoJo horizontal tanks are also known as transporter tanks and can be used to store and transport water and other liquids for a number of purposes. JoJo horizontal tanks […]

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convert swimming pool to rain water tank

Converting a Swimming Pool to a Rainwater Tank

Spending more time tending to your pool than swimming in it? Tired of toxic chemicals and endless maintenance? Now you’ve got options.  Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Inc. (Australia) explains the process of converting a swimming pool to a rainwater tank. Now more than ever, smart people are thinking sustainably about the resources they use and how […]

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Komati Water Scheme Augmentation Project

South Africa: Komati water scheme launched

Water and Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has marked National Water Week by unveiling the Komati Water Scheme Augmentation Project (KWSAP), which has been designed to resolve the water supply problems to Eskom’s Duvha and Matla power stations in Mpumalanga.

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