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Steps & incentives to saving energy

In the current energy landscape in South Africa everybody agrees on the need to consume and waste less energy. But how? Many tips to saving are free and involve simple behavioural changes; such as switching off lights which aren’t in use, turning off your geysers when you go away for the weekend or switching off […]

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Energy-Efficient Cooking

No matter what oven and hob you have in your home, there are a whole host of things that you can do to save energy and cook more efficiently with the appliance that you have! CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE HOB. Don’t use a large hob for a small pan. This means you’ll heat the sides […]

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Weatherize to Save Energy

Weatherization (also commonly known as weatherproofing) can make your home more comfortable while lowering your electricity usage and costs this winter. Follow the eight easy steps below to prepare your home for the coming winter.   1. Perform an energy audit: An energy audit will help you to find out where you’re wasting energy. It […]

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10 Eco-Friendly Winter Warmers

South Africa: In the thick of winter we’re going to want to keep warm and cosy! We’re not going to want to give up any of those winter comforts, and being conservative about using energy won’t necessarily be at the top of our list of priorities. While the temperature is still pleasant, what you may […]

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5 Green Ways to Protect Your Home and Save Electricity

We all know the feeling when you just realized you forgot to lock your door. At best, it’s a quick moment of nagging anxiety – at worst, it’s a debilitating slide show of anxious thoughts that will kill any chance of being productive for the rest of the day. A simple solution would be to […]

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Easy Electricity Savings with Smart Tools

Energy audits coupled with efficiency upgrades are some of most sensible things a home or business owner can do to lower utility bills and contribute to a cleaner future.  Not every one owns, and many who do are hesitant to make the initial investment in solar panels and weatherstripping, but with these smart tools and […]

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Rowbike Offers The Health Benefits Of Rowing, No Water Required

Bicycles have been called the most efficient self-powered means of transportation. So why would anyone want a Rowbike? And, the Rowbike has been around for 15 years. Why the sudden spurt of interest on the internet? The answer to the first question is that rowing is fabulous exercise that works the entire body; the Rowbike […]

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The 12 Most Affordable Fuel-Efficient New Cars

Forget the buzz about hybrid and electric cars. For the budget conscious, these are your best buy new cars. These 12 models each get 30 mpg or better, and cost less than $17,500 – including the cost of a year’s worth of fuel. 1 of 12 2011 Hyundai Accent Cost: $9,985 Fuel economy: 30 mpg […]

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Top 9 Energy Efficient Laptops Ranked

Did you know Americans spend over $2 billion dollars a year in energy costs just to power their laptop computers?  So finding an energy efficient brand could help put a dent in energy use. There are so many laptop options out there and they are changing  updating all the time it can be hard to […]

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