Water Rhapsody Mpumalanga Co-Owner selected as Planet Protector


When he spotted the desperate water supply problem in the White River area, ‘rain man’ Alistair (an environmentalist by nature and training) took up a franchise with rainwater harvesting, grey-water company Water Rhapsody to help people in Mpumalanga conserve this precious commodity.

Alistair Haig

Alistair grew up on a farm, pent his childhood in the veld and studied game-ranch management and wildlife science.  His working life has been spent at corporates or freelancing as an environmental scientist or consultant.  He’s also helped start an environmental business in the UK, worked in conservation in Abu Dhabi and as an enviro-site officer in Mozambique but, he says, he’s been “very happy to get back to the lowveld bush.”

Recently he was acting Water Control Officer for a local irrigation board, which gave him invaluable insight into water management.  And, as co-founder of an eco-vitality website and of the Thulazela ear guards (vuvuzela-proof ear plugs for the World Cup), it would be safe to say he’s also an environmental entrepreneur – big time!  Call him on 072123 7166.

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Source: Fresh Living magazine (October 2010, issue 31)

Water Rhapsody Mpumalanga’s co-owner, Alistair Haig, is honoured to have been nominated and selected as a “Planet Protector”.  We are grateful to be in a position where we can help people and the environment by engaging in accountable, sustainable, eco-friendly business.  South Africa’s water crisis will dominate our lives within the next few years; we hope that our water systems and conservation awareness efforts will contribute to sustainable solutions for the future.

Water scarcity is not South Africa’s only major environmental problem; we are also facing an energy crisis.  The sooner we can switch to renewable sources of energy the better.  Solar energy is an obvious choice for South Africa with its high irradiation rates (the Mpumalanga Lowveld has some of the highest irradiation rates in the country).  Water Rhapsody has therefore incorporated Yes Solar Mpumalanga.  Yes Solar is the distributor for Solsquare solar energy solutions.  Solsquare’s solar water heaters are highly efficient and a wide range of sizes and models are available.  Solsquare solar geysers are Eskom-approved and are always fitted by qualified solar installers (so that you can claim Eskom rebates).

Contact us for a FREE QUOTE on a solar water geyser, rainwater harvesting system, gray water system or water tank (we are authorised JoJo Tanks dealers and supply and install the full range of JoJo water tanks and JoJo tank stands).  Our water tank prices are hard to beat in the Mpumalanga & Limpopo Lowveld (we also supply high quality Atlas Plastics water tanks and other Atlas products on request).

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