Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan

Japanese company Genepax presents its eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water.

Source: Reuters

Hydrogen-fueled machines are not particularly new or complex.  There has been concern about the hydrogen in storage tanks on-board a car; hydrogen is potentially dangerous if the vehicle is involved with a collision.  However, this water-fueled car apparently solves the problem by only separating the hydrogen on an as-needed basis. This type of technology is what the world needs but will the giant oil corporations (and all those that depend on them) allow this technology to become commercial? It would be great if the car could run on urine!  (hydrogen can also be obtained from urine).  If water does become a viable fuel for vehicles, the value of water will soar!  Perhaps when water costs more, people will conserve it better.  Potable water is already in short supply and anyone who has ownership or access to water will be very wealthy.  If you don’t own a dam or live on a property with abundant water, you can still collect your very own free water- your roof is a great resource for rainwater harvesting! Water tanks are relatively inexpensive and there are many shapes and sizes available (see How to choose a water tank).  See our frequently asked questions about rainwater harvesting the benefits of installing Water Rhapsody water conservation systems.  Water fueled cars are likely to be very expensive at first so many of us must just follow green driving tips in the mean time!

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